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A unique web presence for every outlet

The Operations Director of any pub or restaurant group needs to know that the marketing budget is focused on the right priorities. How do you co-ordinate promotional, marketing, online and social media activity to attract new customers for local outlets, while maximizing profits across the entire group? To make the most of the social media opportunity, it is vital to build communities around local outlets. But it can be a huge challenge to manage content, monitor interactions, measure results, control costs and maintain a consistent tone of voice across the group.

Our purpose-built platform makes it easy to give every outlet a unique web presence linked into Facebook. And our content widgets allow you to publish relevant up-to-date online content for each site from a single platform giving centralized control of messaging.

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Tap into the power of Facebook to promote local outlets

The incredible growth of social media is something no business can afford to ignore; Facebook now has over 30 million active users in the UK alone. People of all ages are spending more time talking about brands on Facebook and less time passively consuming traditional media. To get the most out of their marketing budgets, pub and restaurant groups need to tap into this trend.

The LocalSites platform is purpose-built to provide pub and restaurant groups with powerful tools to create online communities around local outlets and attract new custom by tapping into the power of Facebook.

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Reach thousands of new customers online

Over 50% of all consumers research outlets online when they are planning a night out; yet 39% of pubs and restaurants still don’t have a website, which means they are losing out to competitors and missing out on new customers.

By giving local outlets a unique website, we make it easy for new customers to find your sites when they are looking for a place to visit. Add the power of Facebook recommendations and you can reach thousands of new customers who are looking for your outlets.

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Share up-to-date content with fans on Facebook

How can you ensure that your customers interact with and share your website content with their friends? With LocalSites it’s easy. Once your customers have clicked the Like button on your website, you can share links, videos, photos or even a poll question. Your messages will appear in your fans’ Facebook Newsfeed, so they can share your post with Facebook friends or click the link back to your local outlet‘s website.

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Spread word-of-mouth recommendations

LocalSites increases the viral potential of your content on Facebook, ensuring that your customers engage with and recommend your outlets to help you attract new visitors. Every time your customers Like your outlets or add a comment to your content in their News Feed, the recommendation appears in the News Feed of all their friends. And when you consider that the average Facebook user has 130 friends, the viral potential is obvious.

By making it easy to upload relevant content for local outlets, from a single centralised platform LocalSites puts a powerful new viral marketing tool in your hands. You will also appear on their Profile page as Likes & Interests.

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Increase web traffic

By making up-to-date information about your outlets visible on Facebook, LocalSites will drive new traffic back to your websites, introducing your local sites to a whole new audience. Our customers tell us that every single Like, Share, or Comment by a fan results in multiple new visitors to their websites.

And it works both ways. Every month, over 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites. Make it easy for Facebook users to engage with your outlets – and promote them to their friends - by giving them each a LocalSite.

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Reduce marketing costs and maximise resources

For Operations Directors, it is vital to know that your marketing spend is adding value to the business by helping to attract new customers. LocalSites helps to reduce overheads and maximise your marketing budget by giving every outlet a unique web presence, from a single platform. You can tap into Facebook and reap the benefits of social media without making a massive investment of time and money in building and maintaining your online and social media presence.

Multiple sites can be up and running within days, without any need for investment in hardware, developers or ongoing IT support.