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Increase the success of your local marketing and protect your brand by allowing your HQ, regional and outlet staff to share content, collaborate on social media marketing campaigns and keep an eye on local competitors.

SendsterSocial is a new PC and smartphone app designed to help pub and restaurant groups attract customers to outlets - by co-ordinating and fully exploiting the power of social media.

When you supervise each outlet's web and social media presence effectively, you increase footfall.


  • Schedule future social network messages by date and time
  • Create or suggest message content easily; for an outlet or for all outlets in a region, a format, a brand or the whole company.
  • View and co-ordinate social network communications by outlet, by region, by format, by brand or by company.
  • Run clear measurement of previous message impact such as number of views and replies.
  • View and keep track of selected local competitor activity.
  • Estimate message effectiveness based on previous activity.


  • An authentic local presence for every outlet, which is consistent with your company’s brand and tone of voice.
  • Improve the effectiveness of local marketing messages.
  • Understand which types of messages and content customers respond to.
  • A truly collaborative approach to local marketing, enhancing the communication between your HQ, regional and outlet staff.
  • Independent, results based assessment of social network communication.
  • The ability to manage social network communication centrally or to devolve it to regions, brands or outlets.

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LocalSites enables pub and restaurant groups to increase online traffic, footfall, table bookings and sales by creating a genuine local website for every outlet. Our tools enable your HQ staff to collaborate and share content with your outlet teams, making targeted communications with your customers easily achievable and cost effective.

Up to 12x the number of visitors.

Up to 12 times the number of website visitors

Our experience shows that we can increase your website visitors by a factor of 5 to 12 by localising your outlet websites.

LocalSites offers a long list of benefits for your organisation:

  • A unique web presence for every outlet
  • Tap into the power of Facebook to promote local outlets
  • Reach thousands of new customers online
  • Share up-to-date content with your fans on Facebook
  • Spread word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Increase web traffic
  • Reduce marketing costs and maximise your resources

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